Which are the best YouTube channels for studies?

Which are the best YouTube channels for studies?

Welcome aboard the Learning Ship

Y'know, before we zoom full steam ahead into the fascinating world of educational YouTube channels, I feel it's only fair to let you in on a minor confession. I wasn't always the avid learning enthusiast I am today. There may have been a time when the thought of studying made me cringe harder than the time I caught Luna, my often too curious Bengal cat, experimenting with Eliza's, my wife, expensive makeup set. Baxter, our Yorkshire Terrier, wasn't much help either. He sat quietly by the door practising his best "It wasn't me" look. But guess what? With the wonders of the internet and, in this case, YouTube, learning is no longer a synonym for dull or boring.

The Educators of the Virtual World

So, let's kick things off, shall we? To start our journey, we'll land right in the hub of science learning - "Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell". Now that's a mouthful, isn't it? But don't let the name intimidate you. It's German for 'In a nutshell', and the channel stays true to its name, breaking down complex scientific concepts into easily digestible bits. It's so intriguing that even Luna seemed engrossed during a video on quantum leakage. Imagine that!

The Alchemists of Knowledge

Moving on in our journey, we'll encounter a couple of channels that are akin to skilled alchemists, for they have the knack of moulding hard, indistinguishable concepts into glimmering nuggets of wisdom. The first stop here is "Crash Course". If you ever thought learning about the French Revolution or osmosis could put you to sleep faster than counting sheep, this channel will have you eating your words. It makes you wonder if you'd have paid more attention in school if your teachers were this engaging. The other noteworthy channel is "Khan Academy". By breaking down topics into easy-to-understand videos, Khan Academy has been doing for students what a lighthouse does for lost ships. It has guided many lost souls back onto their academic path.

From learning letters to complex problems

Oh, then you have "Learn with Homer", a channel I personally found to be a blessing for when I was trying to make learning fun for my niece. They take on the mammoth task of making learning enjoyable for kids and trust me on this one - they do a fantastic job.

The Spirited Storytellers

"Numberphile" and "Ted Ed" have a special place in my heart. They are the treasured tellers of tales, spinning context around numbers and ideas pulling you into a world of captivating learning. Once, Eliza and I decided to spend an evening watching these channels instead of our typical movie night. And let me assure you, there were no regrets.

A Window into the Realm of Language Learning

For those language enthusiasts reading this, rejoice! For "Duolingo" and the "British Council’s LearnEnglish Kids" are the perfect YouTube companions to dive into the pool of linguistics. Whether you wish to learn a new language or help your kids improve their English skills, these channels have got you covered.

Artistic Expressions of Learning

Are you an ardent art lover? Then "Art for Kids Hub" is where you ought to be. From drawing tutorials to fun art projects, it's a complete haven for young artists and art enthusiasts. Just remember not to leave your art supplies lying around. Luna, or your pet, might feel inspired to tap into their hidden artistic talents, and you may not be ready to appreciate it.

Unravel the Mysteries of the Universe

Last, but certainly not least, is "SciShow". This powerhouse of knowledge provides an endless stream of videos covering a diverse range of topics. And you know what's great? It's co-run by Hank & John Green, authors, vloggers and creators of Crash Course. Talk about intertwining threads in this masterpiece of endless learning!

Imagine if I had discovered these life-transforming channels back in my high school days. I might have fared better in my grades, or at least maintained my sanity while studying Ancient Greek History. But hey, it's never too late to learn, and one day, who knows, you may be sharing your ranks with Luna in mastering quantum leakage!

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